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Winners announced for Health Industry Hub’s Catalysts for Change Awards 2022

Health Industry Hub | December 12, 2022 |

The issue of health equity has existed long before the emergence of COVID-19. The pandemic brought attention to the challenges and complexities, amplifying the profound impact that social, economic and environmental factors have on our health and wellbeing.

In recognising and celebrating the most relevant industry leader perspectives and the brightest minds that inspire us to take bold action in making meaningful change, Health Industry Hub is thrilled to announce the WINNERS for the Catalysts for Change Awards 2022 following last week’s announcement of the finalists in five categories.

The awards recognise the MOST VIEWED webinars and TOP podcasts with leaders and change makers that have been accessed by our subscribers across the Pharma, MedTech and Biotech sectors.

The high level of engagement indicates a strong appetite for industry professionals to connect with like-minded learners, challenge the status quo and develop future-ready strategies to build better selves and better communities.

Congratulations to the Winners!

News & Trends Category

Cardinal Health: Top trends shifting the future of the medtech sector – Cardinal Health global leader More…

“I’m humbled to receive this award. How the industry comes together over the next few years to transform the way we source and deliver medical products to customers and patients will be critical, and I appreciate being given the opportunity to share Cardinal Health’s views about the future of healthcare and what we’re doing to evolve the global healthcare supply chain with Health Industry Hub and its readers.” Ben Brinker, President of International Medical Products and Distribution at Cardinal Health

Merck Healthcare: Merck Healthcare MD talks key trends impacting the equity of access to infertility care More…

“It is wonderful to see the interest and support for equity of access to infertility care for all Australians, and a privilege to be recognised by Health Industry Hub readers. 

“While social and economic factors are increasingly important in people’s decision to have children, infertility is a real hurdle. As the global leader in fertility treatments, our Merck team is looking forward to starting conversations, supporting clinics and experts, and helping many more women, men and couples achieve their dream of having a baby.” – Josie Downey, General Manager and Managing Director, Merck Healthcare

Patient Voice Initiative: Patient advocacy group sets sights on future of interactions with industry More…

“The Patient Voice Initiative is honoured to be recognised by the Health Industries Hub’s Catalyst for Change Awards for our study with CaPPRe to understand how patient communities want to interact biophama in Australia. The study underpins our values. It began by listening to patient communities to frame the research question and then hear what mattered. It used robust methods, in this case focus groups followed by a patient preference study. And we used multidisciplinary expertise – patient, research and industry – to shape our approach, interpret the results and begin to form an action plan to address where interactions need to improve. We’re hugely grateful to CaPPRe for their vision, expertise and in kind support on this work.” – Ann Single, Patient Voice initiative

Leadership Category

Gilead Sciences: Gilead GM talks gender equity and future work trends in the pharma industry More…

“What a wonderful way to round off a big year for us at Gilead ANZ. Thank you to those who listened to the podcast, and to Rozalina and Health Industry Hub for this recognition. As the last couple of years have shown us, we need to ensure we have adaptable, diverse and inclusive teams, empowered and fit for a rapidly changing future. It was great to have the opportunity to share some of my insights. As a leader, I believe I have a responsibility to continue to challenge ways of assumptions and call out behaviours and actions that don’t align to our company values. I hope that by doing this I can encourage others to seek new ways of working.” – Jaime McCoy, General Manager Gilead Sciences Australia and New Zealand

Bristol Myers Squibb: Men must step up and drive gender equity at home and in the workplace, says BMS leader More…

“Bristol Myers Squibb is proud to be a winner in the Leadership category of the Health Industry Hub 2022 Catalyst for Change Awards. This interview highlights the importance of male advocacy and role models in the gender equity conversation and we are proud of our commitment to continue to “challenge the bias” in this space.” – Leah Goodman, Managing Director, Bristol Myers Squibb Australia & New Zealand

Johnson & Johnson MedTech: The state of gender equity in surgery is much more than numbers More…

“Improving gender equity is key to a more diverse, representative and inclusive health system. We’re thrilled that our discussion on gender equity in surgery has resonated with our peers across the MedTech, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. We are proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with surgeons to address this issue, demonstrated through this webinar involving Brisbane-based orthopaedic and arthroplasty surgeon, A/Prof Catherine McDougall. We look forward to continuing these important discussions and the vital work to improve gender equity in 2023 and beyond.” – Susan Martin, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson MedTech Australia & New Zealand

Digital & Innovation Category

Pfizer: Pfizer strengthens position to ‘win the digital race in pharma’ More…

“Pfizer is honoured to have been named a winner in Health Industry Hub’s 2022 Catalysts for Change Awards for Digital & Innovation. It is a privilege to have been recognised alongside several other exceptional companies in this category.

The future of healthcare lies in integrating science and technology with agility and a patient focus, and Pfizer is determined to meet the challenge of delivering more breakthroughs to patients faster, with more precision. Our relationships with healthcare professionals will play a pivotal role as we advance new ways of working with them to deliver innovative solutions that support patients as well as caregivers of patients, delivered in a way that meets their evolving needs.” – Anne Harris, Managing Director, Pfizer Australia & New Zealand

Medtronic: Medtronic VP talks the rise of health technology and key trends driving the innovation ecosystem More…

“Medtronic is grateful for the recognition by Health Industry Hub and its readers for the Catalyst for Change award. Medtronic has always been a leader in digital healthcare and innovation, whether it be developing remote monitoring systems for cardiac implantable devices, surgical robots or smart continuous glucose monitoring for patients with Type 1 diabetes. We’re pleased that our discussion on the rise of health technology and the trends driving the innovation ecosystem has been so well received by HIH readers. We look forward to sharing more on this front and partnering with the industry to bring more innovative technologies to Australia and New Zealand.” – Liz Carnabuci, Vice President and Managing Director, Medtronic Australia & New Zealand

AbbVie: Purposeful innovation a must in enhancing customer experience, says AbbVie’s Strategy and Innovation Leader More…

“The team at AbbVie is thrilled to have been recognised in the 2022 Catalysts for Change Awards. AbbVie is committed to making meaningful change and sharing our perspectives on important topics, because it takes all of us learning and growing together to make a difference.” – Kate Richards, Director, Communications, Patient Experience and Patient Relations, AbbVie

Human Resources Category

Sanofi & Cardinal Health: HR leaders from Sanofi and Cardinal Health reveal the future of work in the pharma and medtech sectors More…

“Predicting and preparing for the future of work is a fascinating challenge across all industries and we’re proud to be a part of the conversation sharing our approach, and discovering new ideas. Thank you to Health Industry Hub for exploring issues that matter to the community today, and tomorrow.” – Michelle Zimany, HR Director, Sanofi Australia & New Zealand

“I’m honored to receive the award for the HR Category. The Future of Work is evolving and at Cardinal Health we are excited about the inclusive work environment we are creating where people are bringing their true self to work. I am grateful to Health Industry Hub for providing the platform for our industry to share ideas.” – Farrukh Ahmad, HRBP Manager, Cardinal Health Australia & New Zealand

Viatris: Viatris and Canteen partner to close mental health care gap for young cancer patients and bring ‘meaning’ to everyday work More…

“Viatris seek to foster healthy communities around the world by supporting education, health and disease awareness efforts that promote empowering patients worldwide to live heathier and creating access to care. Supporting charities like Canteen is part of Viatris Australia’s commitment to make an impact towards improving patient health. Canteen do such amazing work to support young people impacted by cancer and this award recognises that.” – Monica Passfield, HR Manager, Viatris

Paras and Partners & Hunton Executive: Talent acquisition and retention: The current state of play More…

“I would like to thank Rozalina Sarkezians for the opportunity and privilege to be part of the catalyst for change category with Health Industry Hub.  It was also an honour to collaborate and share the stage with the amazing and talented Vanessa Meikle from Hunton Executive in providing insights into our Healthcare industry and the changes, challenges, and opportunities that we have all experienced and that lays ahead. I’m grateful for the honour and recognition and it gives me great pleasure in accepting this award.  Thank you! A big congratulations to all the finalists and thank you again for this wonderful experience and opportunity.” – Maree Paras, Associate Director, Paras and Partners

Medical Category

hearts4heart: Tackling change in heart failure management: hearts4heart CEO and expert cardiologist talk the essentials in Heart Failure Awareness Week More…

“I am truly honoured and humbled to be a recipient of this award. Heart failure is a serious and long-term disease that requires prompt and personalised treatment. I am very proud and pleased to know that our efforts are resonating with patients and professionals, as we work to make tangible improvements to the lives of those affected by heart disease.” – Tanya Hall, CEO, hearts4heart

Medical Affairs Professionals of Australasia (MAPA, previously APPA): APPA leaders have their eyes firmly set on the future of Medical Affairs More…

“MAPA are proud to represent professionals working in Medical Affairs across Australasia. We appreciate the support from Health Industry Hub in amplifying our voice within the industry and look forward to continuing to make an impact as we transition into MAPA (Medical Affairs Professionals of Australasia) and through the evolution of the scope and role of medical affairs.” – Matt Britland and Lauren Pasfield, MAPA

Research Australia: We must understand what we’re funding if we are to support a sustainable research ecosystem More…

“Change is inevitable! But having the chance to shape some of it is truly amazing. Sharing and contesting ideas and thoughts to drive the best outcomes is an inspiring process to be part of. And if you can be part of the actions for change, then be part of it.

Being recognised among some very talented people in the Catalysts for Change Awards is a terrific honour – it inspires me to be be better and do more. Congratulations to all of the finalists and the winners – thank you for watching and lets do more together!” – Nadia Levin, CEO & Managing Director, Research Australia

Here’s our WHY. What’s yours?

As the first female founder of healthcare industry media, Rozalina’s passion for health and gender equity stems from her own lived experiences as a first generation Australian who escaped war and came to this beautiful country as a refugee.

Born from 20 years of working and leading in the pharma and diagnostics sectors, Health Industry Hub is the only one-stop-hub bringing the diversity of the Pharma, MedTech & Biotech sectors together to inspire innovation and collaboration in driving positive changes in healthcare.

We empower the career and leadership journey of industry professionals who seek to reach their highest potential and bring forth bold action in making meaningful change – personally and professionally.

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