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Welcome to Health Industry Hub’s online community as we come together in a powerful place of shared intention and shared vision for the healthcare sector.

Health Industry Hub is the ONLY one-stop-hub

1. Connecting the breadth of the Pharma, MedTech and Biotech sectors to create a diverse and resourceful network for the current and future workforce.

2. Empowering your career and leadership journey with essential industry news, emerging trends and best practice to enable ongoing professional development and ignite your full potential.

3. Inspiring organisations to face today’s sector challenges and workforce gaps through innovation and collaboration to shape the future of healthcare and transform patient lives.

Empowering Your Career and Leadership Journey

In a world where significant change is the only constant, the essential knowledge and skills needed to perform our jobs, stay competitive and reach our full potential are always evolving. In fact, 30% of the skills that were present in job postings in 2018 will be obsolete in 2022! (Source: Gartner)

That is why we deliver industry focussed news and professional development content to you that is relevant and timely – centralised onto one digital platform for easy and flexible on-demand access.

With over 56,000 Pharma, MedTech and Biotech industry professionals who accessed the Health Industry Hub e-bulletins, webinars and podcasts in 2021, we trust that you will also find immense value in the latest industry news, emerging trends, best practice and professional development content delivered to your inbox to empower your career and leadership journey.

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Collaborating With Us

In raising your organisational profile, Health Industry Hub offers healthcare companies, professional associations, medical research institutes, service providers, and not-for-profits the opportunity to showcase their respective corporate news, research and innovations, or advertise to reach healthcare industry professionals.

Reviews From Our Clients and Community

Got to watch the interview yesterday and it was great. You both had a very natural interaction, it looked like it was just a conversation between the two of you!

J&J Medical

I had numerous congratulatory messages from colleagues throughout the industry and also from HCPs who saw it via LinkedIn. The feedback has been exceptionally positive, which is great. Thank you.


Really appreciate your time and attention to this important topic impacting the sector.


Great interview! Your knowledge of gender equity is impressive.


A really insightful interview and wonderful for one of our inspiring women leaders to be part of this series.


Please convey my thanks for such a factual write up – every single word that I said has been stated without any sensationalism or deviating from the truth. This is how journalists should be.


Thoroughly enjoyed the coverage. The Q&A is brilliant – full of useful and insightful tips.


Health Industry Hub acts as the one source of information that offers value.

Hunton Executive

There’s nothing else like it that currently exists in the market. Health Industry Hub centralises all industry-related content into the one hub, and a lot of thought has been invested into the way the digital platform engages. All members of the pharma, medtech and biotech sectors should jump on board the platform.

Interact Technology

By bringing diverse industry-related information together onto the one platform, Health Industry Hub proves an invaluable tool. The platform minimises the user’s need to trawl through various sources to identify information and insights of most relevance to them and their job.

Non-for-profit CEO


As the first female founder of industry media to connect and engage industry professionals across the Pharma, MedTech and Biotech sectors, Rozalina launched Health Industry Hub in early 2019, the only one-stop-hub bringing these three sectors together.

Born from her 22+ years’ experience working and leading in the Pharma and Diagnostics industries, Health Industry Hub aspires to facilitate engagement within the Pharma, Biotech and MedTech sectors to ignite collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of healthcare, and ultimately, enhance patient outcomes. Because every patient counts.

News & Trends - Medical Technology

Calls for independent review of private health insurance as profits sky rocket and consumers lose out

Health Industry Hub | May 27, 2022 |

MedTech News: The Consumers Health Forum is again calling for an independent review of private health insurance as the Australian […]


Social Responsibility

J&J Medtech, Pfizer and Baxter Healthcare take action to ‘make change’ this National Reconciliation Week

Health Industry Hub | May 27, 2022 |

On election night, Anthony Albanese opened his acceptance speech with a full commitment to the Uluru Statement From the Heart. […]


News & Trends - Medical Technology

Surgical procedures postponed amid shortage of medical imaging

Health Industry Hub | May 27, 2022 |

MedTech News: Queensland Health will reschedule some non-urgent elective procedures due to a critical world-wide shortage of contrast solutions required […]


News & Trends - Medical Technology

Elective surgery wait times ‘longer than they have ever been’ in private hospitals

Health Industry Hub | May 27, 2022 |

MedTech News: A sharp increase in ‘missing’ episodes of care in Australia’s private hospitals in the first quarter of 2022 […]


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