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#SelfcareInHealthcare campaign to encourage Pharma, Biotech and MedTech to take action on mental health during COVID-19

Health Industry Hub | May 13, 2020 |
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In alignment with the Federal Government’s mental health initiative #inthistogether, Health Industry Hub media, creative agency Orchard, and West 53rd St Digital have joined forces to launch a social media initiative #SelfcareInHealthcare specifically focussing on supporting the Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and Biotechnology industry professionals. The goal is to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the COVID-19 environment and provide access to quality resources.

Just as the COVID-19 crisis is affecting frontline healthcare workers and healthcare professionals, it also has the potential to impact the Australian Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Technology industries as they respond to the turbulent new environment. Internally, there are large scale changes across workplaces and home lives as most industry professionals are working remotely and the majority of field force teams have been grounded since March 2020.

Many organisations have also been impacted by supply chain disruptions, delay in clinical trials, decline in patient visits in hospitals and clinics, and interruptions in drug or medical device approvals. In addition, as these industries pivot to meet the new needs of healthcare professionals, there are added pressures to fast track the rollout and utilisation of new digital technologies.

Elizabeth de Somer, Chief Executive Officer, Medicines Australia said “Medicines Australia is supportive of this important awareness raising initiative. Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is important for all Australians and due to COVID-19 we are seeing mental health stressors amplified. Having a mental health resource hub specifically designed for the Pharma, MedTech and Biotech industries will provide industry professionals with support and resources that are tailored to their needs.”

Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) CEO Ian Burgess commented “MTAA is pleased to support the Selfcare in Healthcare initiative. Now more than ever the healthcare industry needs to work together to support each other in facing the challenges ahead.”

AusBiotech CEO Lorraine Chiroiu said “AusBiotech is supportive of the Selfcare in Healthcare initiative and the support it offers the life sciences community and their families. I encourage professionals to reach out and seek connections, resources and support as we move through this together.”

The Selfcare In Healthcare mission is to flatten the mental health curve for industry professionals by acting together in a bi-partisan manner to support each other during the pandemic. Our aim is to build awareness of the importance of mental health, provide access to support tools and an industry network for self-help to maintain resilience.

Our objective is to activate 4,000 industry professionals to support peers and colleagues by building awareness of the resources that exists through Selfcare In Healthcare. Our overall goal is for this campaign to reach around 40,000 industry professionals.

The Selfcare In Healthcare Coalition is a collective of healthcare industry companies who are committed to building awareness and helping people to access support and information; Health Industry Hub, Orchard Marketing and West 53rd St Digital.

“It’s really important we work together to flatten the mental health curve. I think this is a pivotal time for our industry to collaborate in a bi-partisan way to help each other build and maintain resilience together as we transition to the new normal,” said Peter Stephenson, Managing Director, West 53rd St Digital.

“The healthcare industry has been my home for the last 20 years. First-hand I have seen peers who have been impacted by poor mental health and the long journey to recovery for them and their loved ones. I know that if we come together to support each other, we will be at our strongest,” said Rozalina Sarkezians, Founder & Director, Health Industry Hub.

“Everyone’s mental health has been affected by COVID-19 and as an industry we are not immune. We need to show our peers and colleagues that it’s alright to show vulnerability and raise awareness of tools to manage this. We’ve set up a linkedin group to mobilise and share the ideas around this, so as an industry we can all be better equipped,” said Wai Kwok, Managing Partner, Orchard.

How can you join the #selfcareinhealthcare movement?

Organisations: Help us build awareness of Selfcare In Healthcare through your owned media channels in your organisation. Participate in a bi-partisan manner by sharing content or tools through the Selfcare in healthcare Linkedin page  – we’re in this together!

Individuals: Follow the Selfcare In Healthcare LinkedIn page and share it with 8 colleagues in your organisation or network, share your personal stories via this LinkedIn page and start a conversation with your peers and colleagues.

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