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Scientists in every boardroom

Health Industry Hub | December 2, 2019 |
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The Australian Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and Biotechnology organisations are facing complex issues that grow more challenging by the day.

Healthcare reform, changes in technology, ambiguity in government policy, and new expectations from healthcare professionals and consumers are revolutionising relationships with key stakeholders and impacting operations in unforeseen ways. Add to the mix the shrinking resources and internal investment, and you have a recipe that would challenge even the most seasoned leadership team.

One of the most crucial questions facing the healthcare industry is what leadership skills companies need to navigate this complex and changing landscape, and how the current Pharmaceutical, Medical technology and Biotechnology leaders stack up.

In her new book Scientists In Every Boardroom; Harnessing the power of STEMM leaders in an irrational world, Dr Ruby Campbell – scientist, leadership coach and Australian author – declares her life mission to help STEMM (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine) professionals reach the top. The book is the culmination of three decades of research and her personal experiences in healthcare leadership roles, business, science and psychology.

Dr Campbell shares her insights on the alarming increase in irrational and unscientific decision making within leadership circles including government and private enterprise. This has led to a significant lack of trust in all institutions and a crisis in leadership globally.

“This motivated me to take a really good look at leadership and what it meant. It coincided with the whole movement on inclusiveness, diversity and gender equality. Australia and the world are in need of more scientists in the boardroom – because we need more rational leadership, well balanced leadership.” She told Health Industry Hub.

The STEMM Leadership Advantage

Scientists In Every Boardroom is the first STEMM-based leadership book and aims to enhance the understanding of why society needs more leaders from STEMM backgrounds, the many challenges faced by STEMM professionals, and finally, a roadmap for STEMM managers and leaders to transition to the C-suite and other influential positions.

“Extensive research has shown that cognitive diversity in teams leads to greater creativity, faster problem-solving and better outcomes.”

The scientific approach to problem solving has its roots in critical and analytical thinking, teamwork and creativity.

The book quotes science Professor Teri Odom “The goal in science is not to be right, but to make discoveries that push our understanding of how things work…. to reveal knowledge for the common good. And at its core, the scientific method is driven by bold ideas premised on hypotheses that may, in fact, end up being wrong. But then, adjustments are based on new data, and a more plausible hypothesis can be formed, then tested and then interpreted as best that we possibly can. Perseverance and long-term thinking are critical.”

In this complex and changing healthcare landscape, strong STEMM leadership will drive employee engagement, retention, productivity and performance.

What To Expect From The Inspiring New Book Scientists In Every Boardroom?

  • Develop understanding of why organisations (and the world) need more STEMM leaders at the decision-making table.
  • Learn the blueprint for success by applying the SCIENCE of Leadership coaching model to help STEMM professionals’ transition to influential leadership roles.
  • Discover evidence-based tools from coaching psychology to identify and overcome individual and systemic obstacles to success.
  • Case studies on how coaching accelerated career progression.

Final Thoughts From Dr Ruby Campbell

Dr Campbell is optimistic about the future of STEMM leadership.

“We cannot lose hope and as STEMM leaders, the future is really in our hands. I’m on a quest to help STEMM leaders develop greater agency and not abdicate our responsibility for key decision making to those who are ill equipped to do so. We must be genuinely courageous and be prepared to adapt to changes in circumstances as a result of taking a stand when choosing to do the right thing. Choosing integrity is not for the faint hearted.”

“Ask yourself, what do I need to do to ensure I secure an influential leadership role that benefits my family, my community, and my country?”

About Dr Ruby Campbell

  • Founder and Managing Director at ProVeritas Group, an Australian learning & development firm dedicated to helping STEMM professionals’ transition to influential senior leadership positions.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (1st Class Honours) and PhD in Science (recipient of Commonwealth Research Award and UTS Travel Award) from the University of Technology, Sydney.
  • MBA Executive from UNSW. Masters in Coaching Psychology from The University of Sydney.
  • 27 years of combined scientific experience in industry and academia internationally.
  • Fellow member of the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School.
  • International Leadership Association Global Conference speaker and abstract reviewer.

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