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Essential coaching skills for managers and leaders

Health Industry Hub | February 26, 2020 |

A boss dropping orders from a place of position is no longer acceptable. More businesses are finding that leadership with effective coaching skills is a more desired pathway to progress and retaining quality employees.

Employees want to work to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Great managers know the way to create belonging and influence motivation in their teams.

Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Everyone has had “that boss” that crushes your spirit.

Celebrate valued work and accomplishment. Take the time for each individual to know they are heard and valued in your organisation. One to one communication is much more effective in helping your team to stay on track toward common goals. Every employee needs to know they’re useful.

Healthy stress builds skills and confidence, where excess pressure builds distress. Employees respect a hard-working leader rather than being afraid of a fear-mongering leader. Leading by example, is incredibly important in an organisation.

Teams that feel the stress is shared are far more likely to be motivated in helping with forward motion. Delegating responsibility is a great way to introduce a healthier growth mindset in a team.

Don’t punish failure, as it is part of success. Coaching an employee through a mistake is a much better approach. Nobody ever got to be the best at something without doing it wrong along the way. An effective leader helps their team to learn from their errors to avoid them in the future.

Infuse positivity into the working areas of your organisation. When employees know their strengths and can consistently build their work from those strengths, a more cohesive workplace may be forged. Creating space for celebrating what is working for an organisation is a pathway for continued growth.

When things get “hot,” you get “cool.” When things are “cool,” it’s time to ramp things up. An effective leader manages their reactions to stressful situations well. Self-awareness is a skill that can be cultivated. It is incredibly helpful when leading a group of people.

Active listening is a powerful skill to cultivate as a manager and leader. Some employees may need added support due to personal adversity, as well. Supportive, active listening benefits a team with trust and understanding. 

Compassion is another coaching skill that is much needed in the workplace. Employees are human beings. A leader who sees them as such, while still expecting the bottom line to be protected, will find a more connected team.

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Improving Your Coaching Skills

Developing your coaching skills will take effort. It is similar to a self-development journey, for any growth requires effort. A coaching course is always a great idea, but you can start improving these skills today, whatever your budget constraints might be.

Start by improving emotional intelligence in the workplace. Higher levels of job satisfaction and performance are linked to higher levels of emotional intelligence. Boosting a leader’s levels will have a spillover effect with all other improvements in coaching skills.

Within your organisation, start putting effort into forging partnerships. When leadership begins to monopolise on human capital by intentionally building on existing strengths and collaborative growth, the organisation will benefit as a whole. Every employee wants to know that their work is valued. Effective coaches give their employees the skills to develop themselves.

Place intention on building individual competencies that arise from collaboration with employees. Effective leaders will lay the foundation for goal achievement with each member of the organisation. Creating an environment that nurtures individual growth inspires the entire organisation to show up as their best selves.

Practice improvement in effective communication skills in every interaction daily. Modelling these skills, as a manager or leader, will set the expectation for the entire organisation. Listening is the most important of all coaching skills.

Do your best to eliminate fear in the workplace environment. Help employees instead develop purpose in their role within the organisation. When a cohesive, vision focused workforce collaborates and utilise their strengths toward common goals, the achievement is accelerated. With purpose, morale improves, and overall job satisfaction will improve with it.

Every leader should work to improve their coaching skills, and there are leaders in every workplace. Active listening, motivation, communication, building purpose, interpersonal relationships, and accountability are all skills from which improvement will benefit everyone.

Through changes in personal behaviours, organisations can easily see the importance of coaching within management and leadership. Effective coaching skills bring clarity, improve performance, and even improve safety on the job. By effectively developing managerial coaching skills, teams are rewarded with improved morale, increased job satisfaction, and productivity.

Effective coaching skills serve every level of employment. Increasing empathy and compassion in every job reduces stress and replaces it with human growth potential. 


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