Coming back new – How to create high impact HCP interactions

Health Industry Hub | June 17, 2020 |

“Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing, you get to decide.” Dr Wayne Dyer

With the world forever changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are returning to a new way of living and working – at least for the coming months. Many people are returning with apprehension and uncertainty, while others are eager to return to the pace of the working world.

One thing we do know is that the customers, clients or patients we are returning to see, are also dealing with change. Perhaps this means that they will be apprehensive, stressed or time poor and they will not have the same availability that they once had. Maybe their priorities have shifted for the coming months and the long and valuable discussions you are accustomed to will require some changes.

  • What does this mean for your relationships?
  • How can you serve your customer in a meaningful way and help them with their needs?
  • How can you stand out and make every call count?

Every call matters more than ever for both you and your customer

Let’s explore the 3 areas where you can make an impactful and valuable difference, in every call. See Special Offer below.


Now more than ever, what we say and how we say it will enhance your delivery and your impact. Appointments may be hard to come by and the time for a call may be shorter than before.

Like many, you have probably had plenty of time to perfect your Key Selling Messages. How you present that message in words and body language is going to impact how your customer receives the information.

Create a high impact call by delivering your message to the customer’s needs. Be clear with your words and show your passion as you share the information. Be aware of your body language and open to understanding theirs. Pay attention to the language patterns and repeated themes in their communication.


What energy are you taking into the call with you? What are you saying with your attitude, state of mind and effectiveness?

What we think are our limits or a weakness of who we are, are often learned beliefs that can easily be re-written into resourceful and highly effective programming.

What are the programs that derail your mindset? What is holding you back?

As a sales rep some of my dialogue used to be Its not OK to upset people in authority. Its not OK to back chat. My customers respect my gentle approach.

While all of these programs told me I was being nice, they were helping me to play small and never speak up when I could offer genuine value to my customers.

With all good intentions my mindset was holing me back, rewriting them meant I could be so much more helpful and maintain my relationships, they wanted me to help.

To let go of these limits we find ourselves calm and confident to give value to the discussion.

In a porosity growth mindset we can bring our best self into everything we do. We present ourselves and our product with clarity, confidence and curiosity


Communicate with empathy and create an impactful rapport, add value with your message

Be available and present rather than planning in your mind what comes next. We so often remove ourselves from rapport by trying to control our next responses. This disconnect may be subtle yet it could be received by the other person as being distracted or uninterested.

If you know are clear on your message and intentions, it is safe to stay present, it allows the other person to feel the rapport and the value in your interaction.

Being present allows us to access our full set of resourcefulness in our responses.

We can handle objections with ease and clarity, we can ask questions easily because we are in a deep rapport in the present moment rather than breaking rapport to plan our next point.


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